UK Housing That Broke The Mould


When Nye Bevan set up the NHS in 1948, he was also in charge of a huge post war house building program. In those days housing was part of the Ministry of Health – Bevan understood that the quality of new housing would have a huge impact on the nations wellbeing. So that year he launched a Government award for quality housing. 60 years later the Housing Design Awards remain the most prestigious and influential in the industry. To mark the 60th anniversary, 6 awards were given this year to previous winners which have since proved influential. This film looks at each scheme, to find out from their developers, architects, residents and experts what makes them so special. The film also reveals how well the schemes have stood the test of time and what relevance they have to our current housing predicament. 25 mins.


Highworth Cottages, Hampshire: Kingsclere and Whitchurch RDC with Powell and Moya and Eric Chick
Golden Lane, London:  Corporation of London with Chamberlin Powell and Bon
St Bernard’s Croydon: Wates Ltd with Atelier 5
Lyde End, Bucks: Lord (Peter) Carrington with Aldington Craig and Collinge.
Spinney Gardens, Crystal Palace: Abbey Housing Association and PCKO
Smithfield Buildings Manchester: Urban Splash with Stephenson Bell

Presented by Richard Mullane with expert commentary from Stephen Mullin.

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