Hammarby – A Model for Green Living?

Hammarby Sjostad, a development of over 10,000 homes is regarded as one of the best examples of a built green city extension in the world. Over 10,000 professionals from all over the globe visit Hammarby each year to learn about the city-led masterplanning, design and delivery process and the Hammarby model for dealing with waste, energy and water that combine to make it such an environmentally balanced place to live, work and relax. The full documentary tells the story of the history, planning and delivery of Hammarby Sjostad from the point of view of the professionals involved and of the residents themselves.

Click below to view the 3 minute trailer.The full 25 minute movie is currently not available for viewing/download. If you’d like to buy copies please visit our DVD Shop.The DVD also includes 10 in depth interviews with the experts that made Hammarby happen.


Below are 2 of these interviews: Lars Franne Head of Planning Stockholm City giving details on the history and the planning process for Hammarby and Jonas Tornblom, Director Corporate Marketing and Communications, on the Envac waste disposal system:

Videos connected to this project:

Hammarby: Lars Franne, Head of Planning, Stockholm City

Hammarby: Jonas Tornblom, Director Corporate Marketing and Communication, Envac

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