Recommendations for Living at Superdensity

Schemes of between 150 and 500 homes per hectare are becoming increasingly common but are the right precautions being designed in?

Design for Homes, HTA, Levitt Bernstein, Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects and PRP have produced the report, which for super density schemes recommends:

  •     Make context the primary issue for determining schemes
  •     Provide some large, family dwellings
  •     Include private open space for all homes
  •     Draw up management and maintenance plans
  •     Consider the access to flats including security issues
  •     Improve sound proofing
  •     Design in the context of a wider masterplan
  •     Create an energy strategy to take advantage of density
  •     Collaborate closely with local authorities
  •     Minimise service charges, which tend to be higher in superdense schemes

To download a PDF of the full report CLICK HERE.