A New London Housing Vernacular

This pamphlet is the joint work of Urban Design London and Design for Homes.

It is based on analysis of a range of schemes selected from entries to the Housing Design Awards, the national assessment  programme of new development which is now into its seventh decade of being sponsored by Government. The Greater London Authority is a sponsor of the Awards and each year a selection of the schemes is promoted as the capital’s best.

The deputy Mayor for housing, land and property, Richard Blakeway is one of 16 judges which shortlists  and visit the best. The analysis has been written by Housing Design Awards judge David Birkbeck, also chief executive of Design For Homes, in partnership with Urban Design London’s Julian Hart.

This is the beginning of a programme of work into assessing and understanding the phenomenon termed the New London Vernacular. Urban Design London will be producing a series of workshops to look at this in more detail.


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