Pete Redman

Interim CEO of social housing organisations
Pete has extensive experience of leading some of the county’s most innovative social housing organisations.  He has been CEO of Leeds Federated Housing Association and then of the Notting Hill Housing Group.  At LFHA he set up a large scale housing partnership with the City Council, five housing associations and the region’s main housebuilders delivering over 3,000 homes in 5 years.  At Notting Hill he pioneered the development of mixed tenure communities and championed the debate for higher density development in central London in the 1990s. Throughout his career he has helped set, and campaigned for, high standards for affordable housing and of good design. More recently he helped Lambeth Council tackle its housing investment needs by establishing a resident led ALMO for four tenant managed estates, and then London’s largest ALMO for the rest of the Council’s housing stock.
Pete has been a Chair of the RIBA Housing Client Forum, is an Honorary Fellow of RIBA, and was an early member of Design for Homes.