Barry Munday

Barry Munday joined PRP in 1973 and became a Director in 1983 and Chairman in 2001.  In the early 1990s Barry formed a specialist group within PRP to tackle the large scale regeneration. He retired from full time practice in September 2007 and now acts as consultant.
During his career, his wider interests have included housing prefabrication and he has taken part in tours to Scandanavia and Japan to study industrialised methods.
He has undertaken research on behalf of the London Housing Federation into high density housing in Europe.  He recently worked on a study for CABE looking at the issues surrounding intensification of housing in the South East.  He contributed to the publication ‘Super Density’ produced by Design for Homes in 2007 and a number of other high density studies.
In 2002 Barry was appointed as a Board Member of the Housing Forum and was appointed as Deputy Chairman in 2007 and Chairman in 2010. He is currently chairing a group which is looking at the practical issues of localism and planning. The group’s report will be published in April.
Barry is also a founding director of Design for Homes which promotes good design in all aspects of housing.
In 2008 he was a member of the Government’s panel of experts assembled to challenge bidders for the Eco towns programme. He co-authored an independent report entitled Beyond Eco-towns: Learning the lessons from Europe”.
Barry has been an assessor for the BURA Best Practice Awards for five years.
In 2006, he co-authored the book ‘Place and Home’ together with founding directors, Phippen, Randall and Parkes.