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"The codes will be based on local materials and vernaculars". Vernacular used to mean native but 'local' materials are now often imports. 'Cambridge creams' come from Europe, slate from Brazil, timber from Siberia. Let's hope a move back to carbon copies is not carbon intensive

How many new streets do you know with on-street parking, richly landscaped footways either side (it's only a few years old too), cyclists and a proper bus service? The PRINCIPALed street of Hobson Avenue, @GreatKneighton is totally Building for a Healthy Life

Change is inevitable & staying at the forefront of change is vital - TEP's design team look at the updated #BuildingForLife12 and what that means to those using it>

#BuildingForAHealthyLife #NationalPlanningPolicy #NationalDesignGuide #LandscapeDesign

Today's white paper shows market sale scheme in Ashe. Here's the layout. Tandem side bay parking, tandem bays with 1 in undercroft, and 12(!) rear court bays, then a range of setbacks, boundary treatments and porch types - for 9 units. Makes me wonder what codes will be coding?

The Building for a Healthy Life toolkit for land tenders is the latest #B4L12. We're proud to support this @DesignforHomes @urban_doctor @NHSEngland collaboration. The new guidance helps #placemakers focus more on active travel, air quality & biodiversity

"It's very generous, but we never feel lost in the hosue" Hearing some lovely feedback from residents at today's digital site visit to 'The Gables' with @DK_Arch and @DesignForHomes

We're backing the new Building for a Healthy Life toolkit for land tenders, as with #B4L12. Great work from @DesignforHomes @urban_doctor and @NHSEngland creating places that are better for people and nature. More walking & cycling routes; less carbon 🏠

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