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Who gains from CPRE getting such a platform to knock? The Economist just published shows production of new homes in developed world fell from 11 per 1000 of population in 1960s to just over 4 per 1000 in past decade while median rent in real terms rose 10x faster than incomes

Housing Design Awards now geotags entries. Shortlisted schemes logged into Google maps so if you visit, say, Leeds, you can see travel time to what’s nearby. New facility to search schemes by features or location. April sees launch of digital expo of best

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And the leading agency for expressing the 'homevoter hypothesis' is... drumroll... CPRE. I'd like to see research into what housing lacks funded by those that recognise we lack housing.

Fantastic conversation with one of Sweden’s most brilliant urban designers and clients: “can we design code this?” “You’d kill it! Don’t think like a codfish paste...”

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